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Silly girl ( Papi x Neko!Male!Reader )
Hello! Welcome to Papi oneshot! A few people asked me to write a story with her so here it goes! I hope you will enjoy it! :D
( Reader P.o.V )
I was staring at my harpy friend and human she just carried to the park. He seem to not feel the best after dropping in next to me. My cat ear twiched when he grunted in pain. "Are you okay mate?" I asked and poked him a few times. I look at Papi but she shrug and I sigh. He soon sit up and massaged the back of his head. "That hurt but I think I'm fine." He look in my cat like eyes and then at my ears and tail. "Before you ask. Yes I am from
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 75 18
Mccree , Overwatch genderbrend [2] by kachima Mccree , Overwatch genderbrend [2] :iconkachima:kachima 4,199 105 Overwatch Tracer X Widow by BADCOMPZERO Overwatch Tracer X Widow :iconbadcompzero:BADCOMPZERO 3,219 54 Overwatch - Tracer by nakanoart Overwatch - Tracer :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 6,205 188 Tracer - Overwatch by CatCouch Tracer - Overwatch :iconcatcouch:CatCouch 3,393 332
Mature content
Cavalry! ( Tracer x TitanPilot!Male!Reader! ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 50 16
Christmas bond~ ( Velvet x M!Reader ) AU

Welcome! Merry Christmas! Enjoy!
( Reader P.o.V )
(Y/N)'s house...
I woke up under the warm covers and look out of the window. I saw snow slowly falling down to gently embrace the world in the white coat. I smiled to myself and my smile widen once a person next to me started to wake up too. A pair of brown bunny ears emerged from under the cover and pair of slender arms traced my figure as a cute face look towards me from under the blanket. "Hi~" I said and pulled the covers off a little to reveal my beautiful girlfriend Velvet cuddling up to me.
"Morning..." She answered still half-asleep making me chuckled on the inside at how cute she was acting. I pet her ears and she mumbled something before snuggling up closer to me and trying to fall sleep again. As much as I liked the idea we had to get up and prepare for the Christmas as we were hosting the christmas party at our place this year. "Come on Velv~ Wakey, wakey~" I said and
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 85 58
Tracer Overwatch by Lord-Dominik Tracer Overwatch :iconlord-dominik:Lord-Dominik 781 24
Neon x Male reader! Opposites attract! Part 1
Hello fellow readers! This is the start to my Neon reader insert! I'm sorry this one took so long... Just a heads up, I might start actually putting permanent weapons in more of my upcoming stories (so instead of (w/n) it would be a rapier... just an example ) Like in this one... So let me know what you think about that! Also, we won't see Neon for a few parts because she doesn't really show up until volume 3, just a heads up...  But it is here! I hope you all enjoy! ONTO THE READ!
You are a wolf faunus! Your single faunus trait was your tail... You always wanted ears... But you still liked your tail none the less... You were cast aside by people who lived near you... So... When you were 5, your parents moved to Vale and got an apartment... In the hopes of a new start... And Vale was just the place for that... Growing up in Vale, and attending Signal Academy, you knew Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long very well... Heck, they were like your sisters! Professor Long (Yang's dad
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 77 36
Symmetra fan art by jiuge Symmetra fan art :iconjiuge:jiuge 2,512 34 Commission: Amaterasu Okami by ThaiChau Commission: Amaterasu Okami :iconthaichau:ThaiChau 314 21
RWBY Yang's other identical twin Sister OC
Name: Katie Xiao Long
Age: 17 (same as Yang)
Gender: Female (obviously)
Outfit: like Yang's but instead of yellow it's orange
When she wants to "do it": same as the picture ( this picture:… )
Hair color: like Yang's
Eye color: Red
Her breast size: Same size as Yang
Weapons: Burning Celica
Motorcycle name: yellowbee
Personality: like Yang's but funnier.
:icondeathgrim343:Deathgrim343 2 10
GATE: Bullet and Magic Part 3

Hey guys! So I’m back with a Part 3 of GATE, again I want to remind all of you that I will try to not include any politic or racism during writing this story.
Now in the story, the Special region talk in their own language and the JSDF talks in Japanese. But this time the reader and the JSDF talk in English (Obviously) while the Special region talk in Germany. Again no racism and politic, *sigh* please don’t kill me
That being said, hope you guys enjoy ^_^
“Say pops, how far are we from the village?” Itami asks as he looks at the scenery passing by
“Emm, about 200 meters” Kuwahara said
“Wake (Y/N) up” Itami said as he told Kurata to stop the jeep, you ask Itami why he wake you up and he told you to do the ‘usual’.
Nodding to him, you reach into a container under the sit and take out your shemagh. The
:iconsharkyx7:SharkyX7 14 14
Mature content
RWBY x Male! Sole Survivor! Reader :iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 37 19
Mature content
Alive ( RWBY x RF!Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 62 58
Mature content
Alive ( Glynda x RF!Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 62 42



One day I was walking and I found this big log then rolled the log over and underneath was a tiny little stick and I was like "That log had a child!"
From "Seagulls(Stopitnow!)"


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